Why is Anne the absolute best in the biz? Let me count the ways...

She is extremely attentive to YOUR needs and desires. Once she learns what you want, that’s what she’s going to find for you. She isn’t afraid to keep you honest when you start getting anxious or feeling desperate and start ignoring your desires just to get in a house. She is the eternal optimist and her limitless patience is contagious. We looked aggressively for over a year before we found the dream home, and enjoyed every minute of the time we spent with Anne.

No matter how simple or complex a question, Anne will get you every answer you need, right when you need it. Our offer was accepted on Christmas Eve at 5pm. Anne was there holding our hand the entire time.

She has large lists of professionals to help you through the process - engineer, mortgage broker, plumber, roofer, inspector...anything you need. When you mention her name you get instant respect from them all.

She is your lifetime agent. Your relationship with Anne doesn’t end after closing. She has continued to be an amazing resource and friend, and she continues to update us on the market and congratulate us on the scariest, most rewarding, best purchase we ever made.

Anne is the agent you want.
— Mike, BUYER
Anne was a bright shining light in the complicated, stressful and long process of buying a home. We realized after knowing her for just a few hours that she was tremendous... Resolute, fierce, tireless, endlessly supportive and knowledgeable.

The encouragement we received kept us calm and optimistic. The education we received gave us the confidence to make the decisions that Anne couldn’t make for us.

Without Anne on our team, my husband and I may have settled for something not quite right, or overbid out of desperation. We might have given up entirely.

We have now referred her to literally every friend who might possibly buy a home in the next 5 years. We ask her opinion on every home improvement issue. She recommends handymen, cleaners, high schools. She possesses a wealth of information, her connections are priceless, and honestly, she’s just an incredibly lovely person.

We love Anne and believe strongly that there is no one better on the planet to help with the craziness that is buying a home in the Bay Area.
— Anna, BUYER
Moving out of state is no picnic. When we had to sell our house on top of all the intricacies of a major life change, we needed someone whose reputation and experience we could trust.

Enter Anne Culbertson. She oversaw the renovations, painting, gardening, staging and maintenance after we moved out. We watched the proceedings from afar with awe. From the day we chose to work with Anne, through the review of the 10 offers we received, we marvelled at her breadth of professionalism — not only did she know which light fixtures and paint colors were the right ones to appeal to the broadest pool of buyers, she kept a tight reign on every detail of the purchase transaction. She also orchestrated our two concurrent closings — all without breaking a sweat!
— SIMONE & BEN, Sellers
Throughout the complex process of selling our family home, Anne was patient, good-humored, and skilled at dealing with all the myriad details. We can’t enthuse enough about the caliber of Anne’s professionalism and talent.
— TIM & KATHY, Sellers
We had worked with another agent for 9 months without success. It only took four weeks with Anne to find our dream house and help us prevail. She was very honest about both the positives and negatives of all the properties we looked at. I never felt like she was interested in anything other than getting us what WE wanted. She deftly guided us away from a properties that would have been money pits and would not have served our family well. In particular, she showed great skill and knowledge in creating and writing our offer, which was chosen even though it was substantially less than the highest. She clearly knew how to write an attractive bid and how to negotiate strongly but diplomatically. Anne was cool and collected throughout the whole process, and went out of her way to meet our needs. Grubb is very fortunate (and wise) to have such a level-headed, competent, and experienced agent as Anne.
— PETER & MONICA, Buyers
We had no idea what a huge, stressful, and emotional endeavor it would be to sell our childhood home. But with our realtor, Anne Culbertson, we were in such good hands that it was actually fun. Anne’s great personality and “get it done” spirit are invaluable in the inevitably stressful moments, and her integrity and honesty are like gold. She did a million extra things that kept me from just giving up, and made the house look like (and sell for) a million bucks in a slow market. I feel so fortunate to have found her — she is a truly amazing realtor and person.
— JENNIFER, Seller
Anne Culbertson’s enthusiasm and knowledge of the market (not to mention her friendly nature) made her an obvious choice from the get-go and a perfect fit. Our situation was particularly tricky and we’d been looking for a year before we partnered with Anne. Only after we completed the purchase did I realize how much Anne’s business acumen and strategic skills came into play to protect our interests and help us succeed. She was with us every step of the way, orchestrating every detail flawlessly. She has continued to be our advisor and is the go-to agent for our parents, siblings, friends and co-workers and anyone else who wants to work with the best.
— NIKKI & JOSH, Buyers
Anne is very professional, kind, strategic, and extraordinarily consultative. To me, a home is everything, and Anne understood that immediately. Our first conversation took place on a Tuesday and by Sunday I was in contract! It’s clear that she not only understands the real estate business but she is also very intuitive and can lead you through the emotional side of buying a house without disrupting the process. This is my 4th home purchase and the easiest one I’ve been through. I can’t say enough about how much I enjoyed and benefitted from working with Anne.
— ANNE R., Buyer
Anne ushered us into the daunting world of first-time home buying with patience, integrity and the kind of attention to detail you rarely find anymore. She made the entire process fluid, from hunting to closing, and played every curve ball perfectly. Anne is everything a great real estate agent should be, and we can’t wait to work with her again, as well as refer her amazing services to everyone we know.
— CRIS & NOELLE, Buyers
I am ecstatic about the work your realtor did for you. Without her guidance and support, I am sure you would not have had the success you did. Her experience, reputation, and knowledge about how to get the best for her clients really shines through.
— GENI, Mother of Buyer