150 Ardmore Road, Kensington

One of the things I learned from Anne is that my sister and I are complete opposites. We realized this when Anne helped us through the stressful and emotional endeavor of selling our childhood home in Kensington after our dad died.

It was a year-long process to prepare the house for sale. Through it all, Anne mediated and provided moral support as we sifted through 50 years' worth of possessions and memories. She fortified us with sandwiches and cookies. When my dad’s famous tulips bloomed in the yard, she picked a big bouquet and brought it to me in San Francisco where I lived. She went well beyond the call of “agent” and did a million extra things that kept me from giving up. And, she made our house look like (and sell for) a million bucks.

In the end—and much to our surprise—my sister and I saw eye to eye on one thing: We were in such good hands with Anne that it was actually fun to put our house on the market and watch it sail off with multiple offers in a slow market! The cherry on top was that Anne helped us to be the best of sisters again: A true gift.