buyers 2008

sellers 2015

3040 College Avenue, Berkeley

We were looking for the rarest of jewels:
a vacant duplex, in Berkeley, with identical units for two families.
The odds were against us.

Not only did Anne unearth it, she also made sure we got it. It was a totally unique property; if we lost it, we'd be faced with another year (or two!) of searching. Only after we completed the complex purchase did we realize how much Anne’s business acumen and tactical skills came into play to protect our interests and help us succeed.

Seven years, one son, twin daughters, and a condo conversion later, we were still living in that tiny jewel, and it was time to make a move. After countless tea-fueled meetings with Anne about when, where, and how, it was finally “go” time. We needed to sell, rent, and buy—but first, we had to scrape off hundreds of kids’ stickers that covered our walls, windows and doors.

When Anne was finished with her efficient and seemingly magical preparations, our place had been polished back into the gem we had fallen in love with. Staying up until midnight with Anne the day 10 offers came in was the pinnacle of our journey -- and a night we will never forget. Seven years after she found our perfect first home, Anne found the perfect buyer for it and ushered us into a new journey: The search for our next perfect jewel...