553 El Dorado Street, Oakland

Thank goodness our daughter was born seven days overdue!!

To stay busy while waiting for the arrival of baby Maya, we drifted into Anne’s Sunday open house one day. We learned more in 20 minutes with her than we had in several months with our previous agent. By the time we left, Anne had spent more than two hours with us, and we had totally restructured our team to include her as our new agent, ally, and head coach.

We could write a book about what happened next...

While touring homes with Anne shortly after Maya was born, we spotted it from a block away: Our dream house with a huge, wraparound front porch. Anne knew the house well, but there was just one problem: It wasn’t for sale. Anne quickly launched into detective mode, working discreetly to track down the owner and negotiate an off-market sale—all while she was on the train to Seattle for the holidays. 

Our offer was accepted on Christmas Eve. We can’t decide which was the better gift: Our dream house, or Anne.

Both had us at hello.