1015 Glendora Avenue, Oakland

It was over a shared plate of calamari that we first got to know Anne. 60-something house viewings and several dinners later, we’d fallen in love with one very special house, as well as with Anne.

She helped us unpeel our reasons for wanting that house, and illuminated some flaws that would have made it a challenging long-term home for us. We were blown away by how right Anne was. Her ability to listen, ask the right questions, and coach our next moves saved us from having to buy a different house a few years down the line. Her compassion, confidence, and optimism were exactly what we needed. 

Ultimately, we became the winning buyers of another very special house, breaking the hearts of many competitors.

Today, our ‘“forever” house hums with dinner parties, beer-making workshops, and culinary experiments with items from our garden. Anne—realtor, realist, friend, saint— is a frequent guest.