What happens when a dusty 40s nursery gets overlaid by a smart, savvy, and thoroughly modern plant-obsessed woman? Flowerland! Its current iteration is a seductive destination; let us count the ways...
1) Owner Carly Dennet has great taste, a generous heart, and her store has serious style.
2) The plant selections are curated, cared for, and brimming with health.
3) The products! Handmade animal masks, jewelry, beautiful pots in colors and finishes that fill you with delicious indecision, simple well-crafted garden tools, vintage toys, striped patio rugs, French outdoor furniture (not the hackneyed Parisian cafe kind), terrariums, carved wooden things, and all manner of ephemera. I dare you to get in and out in under 2 hours.
4) The holiday products! Baubles, boughs and sparkly things, wreaths, wrappings and sparkly things, gifts, peony candles, fresh mistletoe and sparkly things.
5) The Christmas trees -- the best, freshest, fullest, and most fragrant.
6) Everywhere you look, there's something to see. The staff arranges beautifully considered tableaux based on color, texture, scale, shape. A bay leaf wreath hooked over the corner of a bright red cafe chair; a cluster of mauve, plum, and burgundy-flowered plants, a row of hanging striped rugs, white chairs on a white rug... it's an endless visual 10-course meal.
7) The coffee. What??? An Airstream Princess has been tucked into a corner of the outdoor section and serves peerless coffee and pastries. AND you can enjoy it in several outdoor seating areas kindly sprinkled throughout the nursery for you.
8) The location right on Solano Avenue might not seem like a likely nursery spot, but here lies an urban nirvana with parking right in front.
9) They retained the original Flowerland sign with its innocent type and vintage marquis offering changing messages that give you a little spring in your step.
10) Of course there is a store mascot, a big gentle dog-friend named Tommy.
11) The taco truck. Now this may be an urban legend, but I have heard that there are evenings when Carly has had a taco truck come in and the nursery stays open late. Imagine... the twinkling string lights, a pork taco, a Philadelphus and thou.

Anne Culbertson