Oaktown Spice Shop


One of my favorite stops and gift-procurement shops, Oaktown Spice is one of those irresistible combinations of great product, beautiful presentation, and stellar customer service. Oh, you can probably buy these spices online somewhere, or from some foo-fee place in Manhattan. But the experience of visiting this shop in its woody, spicy, industrial space is just that: An experience. It's a little gift in your day to visit and imagine all the magical possibilities of Honey Powder and Persian Lime Curry Rub (two of my personal favorites here). They have recipes printed on cards in card-catalog-type storage boxes, and lots of helpful input from the staff. Honey powder plus cocoa nibs eaten directly out of your palm was a recent suggestion, and so right on!

There are also artfully combined gift sets of spices, and a few curated products. Not only will you significantly 'up' your own cooking, this is an epicenter for gifts... Small enough for stocking stuffers, friendly enough for housewarmers, divine and universal enough to make virtually anyone warm and happy.

Visit for more info oaktownspiceshop.com

Anne Culbertson