Rick and Sadie: The Reunion Tour

Woman blur LR to kitchen_2289694.jpg

The last time I had seen Designer Rick was over brunch, more than 10 years ago. The kids were young and life was busy.

One Sunday afternoon, Rick sauntered into my open house with Sadie, his new wife, and we had a giddy and joyous reunion.

Two weeks later I helped them draft an offer on a house whose attributes went well beyond their dreams. There was some nail-biting back-and forth while dreams careened left and right. The ball bounced from the seller, to the buyer, the seller, the buyer. Finally, with a sigh of relief heard around the entire East Bay, newlyweds Rick and Sadie had their house.

Within moments of the seller signing their offer, Designer Rick was shopping for cabinet pulls, refrigerators, and lighting. Four weeks later Rick, Sadie and I celebrated our fortuitous re-connection, and we now have standing monthly Friday night margaritas in their new kitchen, with their new refrigerator and cabinet pulls, nestling into their new lives.

This is happiness in the East Bay, one house at a time.


Anne CulbertsonComment