Wine tasting, in BERKELEY?????

There are some secret spots in West Berkeley, hidden away but for those in the know, actively creating and purveying lovely wines from French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and California varietals. Setting out one day to explore these urban wineries all clustered within walking distance of each other around 5th and Camelia Streets, I found outstanding wines, personal service, and extremely high standards and expertise among the makers. This is a highly recommended field trip for both locals and out-of-area visitors. Most tasting rooms are open weekends and have private tastings by appointment. 

Lusu Cellars, 805 Camelia Street,

Whistler Vineyards, 805 Camelia Street,

Donkey and Goat, 1340 5th Street,

Windchaser Wine Co., 1375 Fourth Street,

Broc Cellars, 1300 5th Street,

Covenant Wines, 1102 Sixth Street,

Urbano Cellars, 2323 B Fourth Street,




David Teixeira, host and owner of Lusu Cellars.

David Teixeira, host and owner of Lusu Cellars.

Anne Culbertson