1703 19th Avenue, Oakland

Living room - Anne recognized that our style choices made for the best staging. So, we used our own furniture and saved.



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After two years of digging, a gem revealed itself.

When my urban musician client began his search for a space to in which to live, record music, and entertain friends, he was targeting alternative properties like warehouses and former auto repair shops. Even an abandoned church, a former dental office, and a boarding house were considered. The properties we saw over the course of two years were either not private enough for sound-proof recording sessions, or needed too much work. When I spotted a regal Victorian home in a residential neighborhood, my buyer was dubious, but was won over by the huge open basement with high ceilings that mimicked the cavernous warehouse spaces he craved. Additionally, the big corner lot offered privacy and a built-in sound buffer he required.
While that basement sealed the deal, the exquisite house was the cherry on top. Loft-like and spacious, the rooms were perfect for my client's various projects, and the ‘feed-an-army’ kitchen and dining room made his home the epicenter of his social circle. He developed a fondness and respect for Victoriana that sent him on searches for period-appropriate furniture, paint colors, light fixtures and hardware. The 1886 home that had been loved for more than a century had found its unlikely new owner in a young, streetwise artist with a newfound love of Victorian architecture. www.1703.19thAve.com