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1529 Norvell Street, El Cerrito   $925,000

3BR, 2Ba   1512 SQ/FT

When we bought this home in 2010, it was already a hot market in El Cerrito. Anne prepared us for competition, and we were ready for the race. One of our assets was that our family mirrored the sellers’. Anne urged us to write a letter to the sellers introducing ourselves, and Anne presented us to the sellers, not just our price and terms. 

Our offer was accepted, and after we closed and became friends with the sellers, we found out that there were two offers significantly higher than ours. We felt like we had the winning Powerball ticket! 

Out of the blue 5 years later, we got a job offer in Silicon Valley -- a once-in-a-lifetime dream job that we couldn't pass up. We listed our house with our good-luck charm, and Anne came through again. For the second time in 5 years, we felt like we won the lottery -- the price for our home went way beyond our expectations.

Maybe we really do need to start buying lottery tickets now that we don't have Anne in our corner any more... At least for now... 


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