353 Lewis Street, Oakland

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We left the U.S. to relocate to Verona, Italy.
Sounds glamorous, right?

We had a house to deal with, a one-year-old on the verge of toddling, 2 beloved cats, and a household full of belongings to pack into a shipping container. We had 8 huge suitcases to get to the airport on moving day, not counting the cat crates. There were the endless details of a house sale facing us, after all the arrangements for a trans-Atlantic move. The entire process lasted about 8 breathless months, happily culminating in multiple offers and a landmark sale price on our house.
All the while, Anne was a calming presence, always willing to go the extra mile to provide perfect suggestions to resolve each issue as it arose. She managed it with ease while we were on another continent with a 9-hour time zone difference. She is a gifted communicator with an extraordinary ability to simplify the complexities of a home sale, and a delightfully pleasant and cheerful person to boot. When she offered to take us to the airport with our menagerie, we knew why we had clicked with her immediately upon meeting her... Anne is simply the best! www.353Lewis.com